Basic vs. Sexy Support

There was a lot of chatter this week-end about "lingerie". My soon-to-be married son wanted to know what the big deal was about bridal showers. I answered him with three words: Pots, pans and lingerie. I visited a lingerie shop on Saturday. There were lots of frilly underthings in tiny sizes (appropriately) and some body armor of the more basic design. Now here's where I can make the gardening connection. Last week I hammered some heavy-duty stakes into the ground and erected a nylon trellis to support some sugar snap peas I had planted. I hope I sewed the peas on the right (correct) side of the trellis. When the seeds sprout, I expect them to reach out toward the direction of the sun so I planted them on the north side of the trellis. Anyway, the pea trellis is "basic support" to say it in the kindest way. It really is ugly and utilitarian. I don't know what the trellis company was thinking by manufacturing it in white instead of green. Now the garden totem I stuck in behind the Annabelle hydrangea is what I call "sexy support". Annabelle will never really need much in the way of support. She's young and perky and will still be lovely at the end of her blooming days in the fall. We all should be so lucky...


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