Gardening within my Ability

I have unlimited enthusiasm for gardening. I try not to let my physical limitations get in my way. I'm not adverse to taking credit when something beautiful happens accidentally. These Aquilegias are native American wildflowers and were apparently the offspring of plants that were here when my husband bought the property in 1999. Aquilegias are normally short-lived and only transplant well when they are very small. I'm leaving these alone and planting some vegetables around them. I hope to end up with some seedlings that I can move in the future.


  1. I have aquilegias all over my garden (the native kind). I transplanted a bunch, big and small, not knowing that they didn't transplant well. They didn't even seem to notice having been wrenched from their home and place in a new one! Not that I would recommend that with this beauty!

  2. Your posts are wonderfully candid. I enjoy your humor and information. Please keep going.


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