Getting More than I Paid For

I continued my autumn ritual last November. For the last few years, I've delayed my puchase of fall bulbs to take advantage of clearance sales. I've had to check the display a couple of times to get the best deal, but I've never paid more than half price for my bulbs.

Of course, this results in a very limited selection. Basically, I end up with what nobody else wanted.

So far, the tactic has worked just fine. The result of my thriftiness is that I buy twice as many bulbs as I would have purchased at the full price. I throw the bulbs in a pile and mix them up. Then I dig large holes and plant five or seven bulbs in each hole.

Last year I planted red triumph tulips, yellow darwin hybrid tulips and mixed lily flowering tulips.
I treat them as annuals and never expect them to flower a second year and they usually don't. Popping up around the highlighter-yellow spurge (inherited from the previous owner), dutchmen's britches (also inherited), and lion's bane (my addition from Walmart last year), I think the results were well-worth the $15 I spent last fall.


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