Love, Good Wishes & Prayer

I received a chain letter today from a beloved friend. It had been a forward to her from her daughter-in-law. My friend's daughter-in-law prefaced the mail by stating (in essence) that she doesn't usually pass these things along but that this one was worthy of a chain because of the positive message it carried. The message requests that I make a wish or say a prayer before I read the quotation and that I pass it along to twelve women who are important to me because (effectively) through a group like-minded women, all things are possible. After passing the message along, chain, unbroken, something good will happen on the fourth day. Okay, I admit it. I'm dying to know what's not going to happen to me on the fourth day. I have the e-mail addresses of twelve women, but I know, without a doubt, that most (if not all) of these women do not want a chain letter from me. Chain letters carry a certain burden of responsiblity that most of us simply do not want to shoulder. I don't know what happens when I break a chain because I always break the chain. I've been chain-breaking since I was a kid and got a "snail mail" chain letter in my mailbox. I thought it was a burden then but I was afraid not to break the chain as there was a veiled threat implied. So I fearfully wrote and mailed all those letters. Then I was told by my mother that chain letters were against the law. (I guess it was the threatening component since was there was no cash involved.) So I was between a rock and a hard place. Either way I was screwed. Bad things (whatever they were) would happen to me if I broke the chain (which had been unbroken by everyone in the world). If I didn't, well, actually, nothing happened. But technically, I had broken the chain-letter law. I guess that was bad. Truthfully, I didn't need to add one more thing to the OCD tendencies I was dealing with at the time. For heaven's sake, I was already maneuvering sidewalk cracks to avoid breaking my mother's back. So, this chain and every other after it will be broken and I'm at peace with that. I know my friend only sent the chain letter because 1) she had to keep the chain in one piece and 2) she was sending me love and good wishes and I wish (and pray) the same for her.


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