Square Inch Gardening

Last month I planted a few lettuce seeds in a container before it was too early and too cold to play in the garden. Each tiny head of buttercrunch lettuce is supposed to mature to the size of a soft ball. This variety was developed for the "Japanese luxury market". I planted according to the directions on the packet. Five to seven of these little babies are supposed to fit comfortably within a 12 to 15 inch pot. Somebody's going to get transplanted. They remind me of little birds in a nest. All this coddling and each little head will barely make a salad for one.


  1. Your blog came up with a search for square-inch gardening on Google. I am attempting to utilize every square inch of my vegetable garden and use techniques like planting in pots, like you have here, in order to maximize the amount of food I can grow. This year I hope to have enough left over after feeding my family and some of my friends to supply some to the local food shelf.


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