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Jersey Boys

This is what was waiting for me when I asked my daughter-in-law to set up for dinner last year at the shore. I thought she was going to melt the butter.

Alpine Strawberries

If I'm quicker than the catbird I'll get my share. I'm growing a few baskets of Alpine Strawberries this year. They're no larger than the end of your finger but the I found the idea of prolific romantic blossoms, combined with the sweet allure of their tiny fruit, completely irresistible. So far, I've only eaten one berry. I know I should cover the plants with bird nets but can't stand the look of them. I'm thinking about stopping at the baby box store to see if they still sell carriage nets. I'll cover one plant for me and let my feathered friends have the rest!

Grandma in 1905

Sometimes it's difficult to believe that I'm the oldest woman in the family. How in the world did that happen? My grandmother and I still spend time together in the garden even though she's been gone for 10 years. She was right there watching me plant thornless blackberry canes this past spring. I hear her voice and feel the soft skin of her arms when I touch my own. My mom hangs over my shoulder as well. I see her every morning looking back at me as I put on my make-up. She recently helped me identify the butterfly weed seedling I planted in the vegetable garden last year. I almost pulled it, thinking it was just another stray weed. She's there too, though she passed away the day after Christmas. I wish they both had stayed long enough to teach me how to be a grandmother when my daughter gives birth in January. I guess I just have to call them in from the garden.

No Cake for You!

Sandy turned 4 years old today. We celebrated last night by watching a few scenes from "Lady and the Tramp" together. She apparently thinks the t.v. is a window. After running back and forth for a while, she settled down to watch the movie, cocking her head side to side, listening intently. It's a good thing she played last night since she had to work today. We had a contractor working in the house who needed to be kept in line...

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