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August on the Weed Farm

It's warm, humid and the flowers are blooming and busy with bees. Tomatoes are ripening, hopefully the melons, too, and my daughter's feeling lots of life inside. I'm knitting a baby sweater for the ripening grandchild. I have all the pieces of the sweater finished but it's going slowly because I'm learning to pick up stitches and I'm a bit unsure of what I'm doing. It's August - slow is good.

Eggplant Topiary Revisited

Decorative and edible. Some of my gardening has been reasonable this summer. Eggplants and strawberries in patio planters are reasonable. I can handle fruit and vegetables that are restricted to their own pots. The melons, however, are completely out of control. For the space they're taking, they'd better taste really good. I trimmed (hacked) them back today. We enjoyed our first ripe tomato last week. It weighed almost 2 lbs. The tomato vines were looking blighted but I trimmed the yellow leaves and the fruit looks fine. So does the basil I planted a few weeks ago and couldn't find between the tomato plants.

Beautiful Day for a Wedding

My new daughter-in-law, her daughter and my daughter this past Saturday moments before the wedding. The weather and the day were just perfect.

Beautiful Bride-to-Be

I've been too busy and distracted to post pictures to my blog. It's time to catch up. Victoria's bridal shower was July 12. We had a perfect (breezy) sunny day. It was difficult to keep my grandmother's silver from blowing off the tables. The flowers were arranged in vegetable cans scrapped with paper and embelishments. We served finger sandwiches, chocolate cupcakes with lavender sugar roses, quiche, teapot cookies and punch. The bride was pleased and received lots of lovely gifts. The punch was the hit of the party: Bridal Shower Punch 2 qt. sherbet 1 - 12 oz can lemonate concentrate thawed 1 1/2 c cold water 2 ltr. bottle carbonated lemon/lime soda fresh fruit cut up (strawberries) Spoon sherbet into punch bowl. Add all ingredients except soda and fruit, Stir to mix, then add soda slowly and stir. Float fruit…