Tomato Harvest - "Radiator Charlie" Declared the Winner!

I cleaned off most of the tomatoes from the heirlooms last night and delivered some to my neighbor. They were coming on a couple a day but finally, it was harvest or lose. The largest "Radiator Charlie" I grew this summer was 1.7 pounds. A tangy slice of "Charlie" on a cheeseburger is a wonderful thing. The "Williams Striped" produced more tomatoes per plant but was bland in comparison. The German tomato (Granny Cantrell) was pink rather than "tomato" red. It was tasty but not noteworthy. "Radiator Charlie's" interesting history was not just a nice story. "Charlie" tomato sandwiches brought back summer memories from my childhood. "Beefsteak" got off to a slow start, having been attacked by aphids. I sprayed once, as soon as I discovered the invasion of small ants that followed the aphids. There are small tomatoes on the plant but I'm not counting on it producing much before it gets too cold. "Radiator Charlie" was the winner in my garden by far!


  1. I am starting my next year's veggie list right now. I will be adding this one to it. I like Early Girls because they produce well, taste great, have enough juice for fresh eating but not too much for processing, are uniform and beautiful. But the last couple of years they have been fussy growers, so I need a fall-back plan.

  2. Radiator Charlie was generally large with a deep tomato color. It had a rich, tangy taste that goes missing from a lot of varieties. I grew yellow tomatoes last year and I was very disappointed- they were too bland, like hothouse tomatoes. Good Luck! I bought mine from an independent grower and had no blight, unlke many of us in the northeast. I'd like to get some lettuce in now that the weather's cooler. Keep growing!


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