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Pining for Spring

We're experiencing a 57 degree January thaw today. Unfortunately it's underwater. The good thing is that the gardening catalogs have been arriving. I spend non-knitting evenings browsing them, lingering on the strawberry plants. I'm even thinking about putting in a few blueberry bushes this year. I think I'll only plant fruits and vegetables that I would consider a treat at a farm stand. Enough with the green beans and squash...I'm posting some photo's from summers past and a beautiful tropical butterfly that I admired at Magic Wings in Deerfield, Mass a couple of summers ago.



Vintage Baby Jacket

The baby jacket I've been plodding along on (with love) was finished before the new grandson was born. I finished knitting it months ago but dreaded the sewing. This is only the second little sweater I've made and the first time I had to set-in sleeves. I now understand the appeal of top-down knitting.
I used a pattern from a vintage knitting book authored by Barbara Aytes in 1970 that I picked up for $2 at our town library book sale. The book is called "Knitting Made Easy" and I made it in KnitPicksSuperwash Merino wool in the color "Lawn". I washed it by hand and dried it flat (although the label says it's machine wash and dry) and it came out even softer. It took on a lovely drape, even for a tiny sweater.
I'm going to work on a little hat to match the jacket but I can't wait any longer to present it to the new mommy!

My Baby has a Baby

It doesn't seem possible...James arrived last week and gets cuter every time I see him. He looks like both parents but mostly Mommy. He's a big, healthy boy and we're truly blessed.
After I called my husband from the hospital, the next thing I felt was the urge to call my mom.
Before she passed away a little over a year ago, my mother gave me a baby blanket she had made to give to my daughter if she had a baby. I think when you spend time placing stitch after stitch, whether it's knitting or, in this case, embroidery, you put a little of your own spirit into whatever you make. I feel my mom's spirit when I visit my daughter - I felt it before James was born. If she could be anywhere in this world right now. I know that's where she would be.

New M.S. Medicine may be for the Birds

I asked my neurologist about a new medicine for M.S. that was being "fast-tracked" through FDA approval. It's supposed to enable people with all levels of M.S. to be able to walk faster and see more clearly. He told me the medication had been around for quite a while and that I could get it immediately at a compounded pharmacy, off label. When I asked what "on-label" use would be he changed the conversation and wrote me a script. The name of the medicine is Aminopyridine (4). I shouldn't have looked it up, but I did. I consulted with my naturopath (I believe in holistic as well as traditional medicine) and she suggested that I speak to the pharmacist at the compounding pharmacy. Of course, by then, I already knew that the trade name is Avitrol and it's used (in large doses) for bird control. I used to work as an HR manager for a roofing company. My pharmacist advised me that it's been used in Canada for years and that folks with M.S. have been havi…

Waiting for Baby

We had a Christmas theme'd baby shower for my daughter. I decorated a tree with powder blue ornaments and pastel-striped candy canes. One of Kate's friends made a diaper wreath, another a diaper cake. I get too busy to take many photo's. I think that's my biggest problem keeping up with my little blog. I do - I do not record what I do....and I think that's the whole point in the blog. I will take my camera with me when I get "the call". The baby is fully cooked, just not delivered. I feel like I'm the one sitting on the nest...