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Robin's Egg Blue

I scooped up the remnants of a robin's egg while I was planting strawberry plants a few weeks ago.  It occurred to me at the time that there are people who haven't ever seen one.  I made a point of showing it to my husband and snapped a picture.  Little things like the color of this tiny egg shell make me wonder what the Creator's box of Crayola's looks like.

Inspiration without Perspiration

The blackberry canes I planted last spring are in blossom.  I finally can see what the growing guides means when they refer to lateral canes - the uprights are heading straight up and the laterals are where all of the blossoms are and the berries are forming when the blossoms mature.  The name of the plant is "Chester" and it's a thornless blackberry.  I can harvest the berries in a couple of months and it won't fight back.  I'm really late getting the garden organized - I'm so thankful that the pain from the shingles is gone completely!  More and more I see the benefit of planting fruiting plants and shrubs - if I can protect them from the birds, bugs and blight, my effort is minimal - enjoyment is maximized!