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Renew, Recycle, Re-use

Here's the "before" photo (kind of dark) of a 20 year-old plastic table headed for the bulk pick-up
The same table after a coat of spray paint designed to use on plastic furniture.  It's difficult to tell from my photography but, trust me, it's worth keeping now.  This was an experiment.  I'm planning to paint all the old, white, stained plastic lawn chairs.

Living Ocean

Think what you want about the "Jersey Shore" - but if it's negative, keep it to yourself. Sure, I remember going to Wildwood and Ocean City when I was a kid and I really wasn't impressed. My childhood memories of the "Shore" were lots of big, killer mosquitoes and huge, black, tarry globs of oil that stuck to my feet when I walked the Wildwood beach. I also remember seeing hospital waste roll in onto the Long Island Sound beaches of Connecticut. I've seen a seagull struggling with oil-slicked feathers in a harbor in Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, I know what a dirty ocean looks like.
   While I sat by the sea in Brant Beach last week, I couldn't help thinking back to the dirty water I remembered in the 60's.  As each clean blue wave seemed to stretch toward the shore in an exhale and pulled back as if to inhale, I found myself becoming sadder and sadder.  Are we, as a human race, absolutely insane? To allow an accidental oil gush like the one s…