Renew, Recycle, Re-use

Here's the "before" photo (kind of dark) of a 20 year-old plastic table headed for the bulk pick-up

The same table after a coat of spray paint designed to use on plastic furniture.  It's difficult to tell from my photography but, trust me, it's worth keeping now.  This was an experiment.  I'm planning to paint all the old, white, stained plastic lawn chairs.


  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. Lovely transformation. Could you share the type of paint used?

    1. I'm sorry that I don't remember the brand. I bought it at Home Depot. There are spray paints specifically created to use on plastic furniture but this was one for general use that included plastic. It's held up pretty well - we do put it away for the winter. Good luck with your recycling. I plan to paint all of my white chairs - they're looking pretty grungy!


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