Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - No Resolutions, again...

No new year's resolutions again this year.  List-making, with the exception of shopping lists, was mostly abandoned by me in the past.  Still not a resolution, mind you, I recently decided that daily list-making is a discipline worthy of adherence to.  Planning a week, then a month, is a way for me to gain a lot more control of my time, especially the few hours in the morning that I feel a comparative energy surge. List-making will also allow me to add some projects that currently float along and get pushed back to the end of the day, falling off the edge of my day into oblivion as if the thoughts that created them and the desire to accomplish those tasks were worthless.  If I don't put those ideas and thoughts on paper (with ink or digitally) they get overlooked, forgotten and abandoned and that really seems like a shame.  If I made a conscious decision to edit and erase some of my list, that's okay, too.


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