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Marley Hat Finished!

The Marley hat from Susan B. Anderson's "Itty Bitty Hats".  I used more blue than any other color and switched things around a bit because I was using mostly cotton yarn (Cream and Sugar) from my stash.  The only wool I used was the green from a sweater I had made for my baby grandson last year.  Knitting in the round is not difficult at all.

Bob Marley called - he wants his hat back...

Knitting the Marley Hat from Susan B. Anderson's book "Itty Bitty Hats".  It's a size 1 - 2 so it's going to be a little large for my grandbaby. I should have made a size smaller for my first attempt.  I'm using yarn I had left-over and it's my first real go at knitting in the round.  I'm doing better than I expected.  I follow Susan's blog and she said it would come naturally after a while.  She was right and I'm enjoying the process.  I'm finishing off the topper now - really cute!

Goodbye Christmas - Overnight Snow

We took the Christmas tree down yesterday but I wasn't ready for the season to end. My consolation was the pictures I was able to get, just by looking around the house and clicking. Terrible to drive in, beautiful and peaceful to look at.

Fig, Gorgonzola & Onion Pizza

Received the Essential NY Times Cook Book from my husband for Christmas. I've been trying pizza recipes and this one's terrific!  Next time I make it I'll make the crust as directed (for two 14" pizzas) and double the recipe (except for the dried figs - which were a bit too much when doubled). We had left-overs for lunch and it was really fabulous with the gorgonzola!