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Homemade Pasta and Jar Sauce (oh, marone!)

I finally dug it out from the back of the kitchen cabinet. The idea of making pasta and a respectable sauce seemed daunting. I had nothing but Italian style turkey sausage and a jar of emergency sauce in the house. With only a couple of boxes of elbow macaroni in the house on this rainy day, I was left to my own devices for a pasta dinner. With a tendency to make a big mess of the kitchen when the creative juices start flowing, I considered the least messy pasta dough-making method. After googling bread machine pasta recipes and watching a couple of youtube videos, I was armed with information and enough confidence to begin the project.
Flour (2 1/4 cups) and 4 eggs.  Period. The headless chef in the video used a food processor. Too messy. I'd have to drag it out, rinse it off, assemble it, wash it.  Nah...But the bread machine was clean and ready to go. Nothing to rinse. One little bucket to wipe out when the dough was finished. No-brainer. I put the flour into the bucket of the …