The Eye Has it...

I went to get an eye exam last week.  My opthamologist asked me to return to his office for an OCT test (Optical Coherence Tomography) and a visual field test.  I'd never had an OCT and hadn't had a visual field test since 2007 when I'd noticed a blind spot in my right eye while trying to read in bed at night.  According to my doctor, what he can see of the optic nerve looks good.  However, I've developed a different blind spot, this time in my left eye.  I hadn't even noticed, possibly because it's in the upper left area in my peripheral vision, not the lower where I'd notice reading or driving. The one that troubled me four years ago seems to be gone.

Now, the optic nerve connects to the eye and runs to the brain.  That's apparently where the real problem lies.  It's similar to my ms related hearing problems.  There's actually nothing wrong with the equipment - the problem is with the wiring as it runs into the brain.  I can hear and see's my perception of sight and sound that are screwed up, if that makes any sense.  My opthamologist suggested it might be a silent attack since there have been recent mri's and we know it's not a brain tumor.

I've had ms for so long now, I'd have to feel pretty crappy to notice a significant difference day-to-day. I'm overdue to see my neurologist and I know he's going to want me on some kind of meds (which have lousy side effects and involve some kind of injection).  I'm thankful I'm doing very well for my age - for any age, for that matter.  I'm resisting re-starting the shots and won't go for the chemo again.  I sang in the church choir this morning and spread fertilizer on the lawn after lunch. I'm going to go knit and think about it.  


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