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What Not to Weed!

I just finished reading a couple of articles about the 10 healthiest  foods that nobody eats. They include (and some for good reason) cabbage, beets, guava, Swiss chard, cinnamon, pomegranate juice, goji berries, dried plums (prunes), pumpkin seeds and purslane.
Cabbage - Personally I don't get the problem here. I like coleslaw, I love stuffed cabbage. My husband turns up his nose at both. After he ate heartily of my cabbage gratin one night, I told him what it was. He just shrugged.
Beets - Again, not a problem. I peel and cook up the beets, add the chopped greens and cook them both until they're tender. Add a little salt, pepper, butter and balsamic vinegar, yum. Or roast them with a little olive oil and a few other winter veggies in the oven at 450 degrees for the better part of an hour until fork tender. Salt and pepper and dig in.
Guava and goji berries - Would take a little more effort and probably not worth the effort. I eat blueberries every morning so I'm probably co…

Happy Mother's Day


M.S. and High Heels

I had a dream the other night that I was running and running and running. My arms were moving back and forth, my hair was flying and I could feel the cool air on my face. The best thing was that I was running with joy and not tiring. I wasn't out of breath, my chest wasn't heaving, no stitch in my side.
What made this especially weird was that I was never a runner. Would I have been running down this lovely, abandoned beach at sunrise? Not a chance. I liked to walk briskly and I really miss the bounce in my step, the confidence that when I put one foot down and picked the other up that it would actually go up and not catch on the pavement, causing me to fall or barely escape falling by flailing around trying to keep my balance.
But never mind that I was never a runner and never wanted to be. I always equated walking like a lady with being a full-fledged adult woman. Santa Claus (remember him?) would always leave me a sexy pair of plastic child-sized dress-up high heels in my s…

Easy Herb Gardening

A couple of weeks of ms symptoms that were getting me down have put me way behind around here. I'm not really stoic - not in denial either. If this were the first time I felt this unbalanced and fatigued I'd be running to my neurologist. It's interesting that the eye doc detected something brewing before I started to feel it...Anyway, I took my first trip to Moorefield Herb farm in Trumbull, which is just a short trip down the road for me. I didn't take really good care of my herb bed last year and some things aren't forever around here anyway, like rosemary. I was afraid I'd lost my lovely sage when it bloomed beautifully and I was correct about that. And it gets very hot where I plant my herbs and I wasn't faithful enough about watering when it got too hot for me to sit on the patio.
So this year I bought a short strip of drip watering hose which should help out with the watering. It looks ugly now but it will get lost in the greenery before too long! I p…