What Not to Weed!

I just finished reading a couple of articles about the 10 healthiest  foods that nobody eats. They include (and some for good reason) cabbage, beets, guava, Swiss chard, cinnamon, pomegranate juice, goji berries, dried plums (prunes), pumpkin seeds and purslane.
Cabbage - Personally I don't get the problem here. I like coleslaw, I love stuffed cabbage. My husband turns up his nose at both. After he ate heartily of my cabbage gratin one night, I told him what it was. He just shrugged.
Beets - Again, not a problem. I peel and cook up the beets, add the chopped greens and cook them both until they're tender. Add a little salt, pepper, butter and balsamic vinegar, yum. Or roast them with a little olive oil and a few other winter veggies in the oven at 450 degrees for the better part of an hour until fork tender. Salt and pepper and dig in.
Guava and goji berries - Would take a little more effort and probably not worth the effort. I eat blueberries every morning so I'm probably covered.
Swiss chard - There's some beautiful looking Swiss chard in the market now (right next to the beets that nobody buys). It takes a bit of effort to make a fresh vegetable but chard is pretty benign. It's not tough like kale and it's not bitter like some of the other greens out there (include dandelion in that bunch).
Pomegranate juice - Tastes fine. Costs much. Again, I'm probably covered by eating so many blueberries.
Dried plums - Come on, this is grandma food, right? Sun sweet has tried to glam them up by wrapping them individually, covering them in chocolate and adding flavoring so you think you're actually eating cherries. Who knew that someday someones job would be marketing prunes. They actually taste pretty good and they even take the pits out for you. They warn you on the package that their pit removing machine might have actually missed some so eat with caution. The tooth you break may not be great for your health.
Pumpkin seeds - These are an under-appreciated snack food. Jazz them up with a bit of oil and seasoning, roast them in the oven and voila, one more hand-to-mouth addiction with extra calories (but much healthier than microwave popcorn). Buy them raw in the health food store and roast them yourself.
Purslane - What?    Purslane.  Otherwise known as Portulaca Olearacea. A lowly garden weed on steroids that I pulled out of my vegetable garden last year by the bushel basketfuls. It loves the heat and doesn't need to be watered. It even looks like it comes with its own garden hose. You can eat it in salad and you can cook it up and eat it as a vegetable. It tastes a bit lemony and a little peppery. Poor man's arugula. I don't call this blog the Quarteracreweedfarm for nothing.


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