Summer Gardening & Fall Planning

I had to post a picture of my black tea cup. The purple fan flower has been pretty but I really went crazy for the yellow daisy-like flower. It was the last one, sitting all by itself at the garden store. It was in full bloom (3 but the color made it seem like more) and the next day the blooms were gone. They close up at night and last a day or so longer and then gone. I've waited 3 weeks for another one to finally open. I have to find the tag because I don't remember the name. Kind of weird.
Anyway, everything that's going to come up is up. I'm waiting for the broccoli to flower so we can eat it. I'm picking beans and yellow pear tomatoes and also some red cherry tomatoes. I need to cover the blackberries before they really start to ripen. The strawberries are here and there. The spinach isn't doing much - it's too hot, I think. So now, I'm beginning to raise some seedlings - INSIDE - under lights. I mixed some seed-starting mix with some composed manure and planted brusselsprouts, miniature lettuce and kohlrabi and we'll see how it goes. I know they won't sprout in 90 degree heat so I'm trying the only alternative I can think of.

When I see something green happening, I'll take a picture!


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