What's Growing? Seascape Strawberries

So far, about 2 1/2 pounds of strawberries and really tall tomato plants.  Mortgage Lifter has only blossoms so far but the cherry and yellow pear look loaded with lots of green tomatoes.  The beets (which I got in a little late) need thinning again, the lettuce (old seed from 2 years ago) is coming slowly. It's the slow-to-bolt variety and it hasn't been that warm yet. The bush beans are up and I'll be planting another row this week. No blossoms yet. Spinach is coming and the blackberry bush is LOADED, finally.  That will get bird netting this week after our son's graduation party. The herbs look pretty good. I put a self-watering drip hose through the herb bed and down the hottest side of the house. By August everything is dead otherwise. It's just too hot for me to deal with the south side. The only problem is that, although the water does run all the way through this double hose set-up, most of the water hits the herb garden and guess who really doesn't need all that water? Right, the rosemary, oregano and sage, who all love the dry Mediterranean type of climate. Haven't worked out the kinks of that one yet. I did attempt to finally rip out an old rose on the south side of the house near the front of the house. Very pretty but needy and fussy long-stemmed old girl. She bloomed vigorously every year and then went directly to black-spotted leaves and dropped them, looking ugly and thorny for the rest of the summer. She is now gone, but not without a fight. I hacked her down until I couldn't get any more of her out of the ground and then covered her with mulch. She'll probably try to come up again next spring, sprouting from old gnarly roots that should have been put to rest 10 years ago. She's just that kind of girl.


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