Gardening Take 2

I wish I could remember what I put in these peat trays. I know I planted some brussel sprouts and kohlrabi. I believe I put in the miniature lettuce seeds that were kind of old because they were slow to come up. Then I planted another pot of basil and some newer lettuce seeds which all came up. Now, they're still under lights until I bring them outside to spray them lightly with the hose and let them hang out in some bright shade for a while. Today was a little less humid and a lot less hot so I started weeding the back of the garden bed to make room for all of these guys. I don't know what kind of luck I'll have but I'm going to give it a try.

The bees are really enjoying what's left of the hydrangea. I'm starting to trim some of the flowers back as they start to look fried.
Now, really, if you were a hummingbird, wouldn't you love to hang out here? Apparently after weeks of growing red vining things next to red hanging things (I even threw in my grandson's little chair) the hummers are starting to visit the feeder. The sugar water is starting to disappear and a tiny bird swooped in for a visit and swooped out just as fast when he noticed me sitting on the patio with the dog. I will catch sight of him but I really doubt I'll be able to get a picture with my point-and-shoot Nikon.


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