It's Keen to be Green

Finally, the first of the broccoli - and we ate it all with our dinner.  And, here's the big miracle, we ALL ate it. Some of us took a smaller portion than others, but the organic broccoli from our own garden was enjoyed by all of us.  I pretty much cleaned off the beans, picked a lot of tomatoes (mostly small yellow pear tomatoes) and worked my way around the blackberry bush.  With the rain, a lot of the berries that were perfect a couple of days ago are completely covered with mildew.  I tried to remove the ones that were bad so they wouldn't contaminate the good ones that haven't ripened completely yet. If there's a trick to blackberry picking, I'd like to hear it.  It seems that as soon as they're ripe and really taste like a sweet berry, they're almost too ripe and won't keep more than a day. Maybe I should pick them sooner and just cook them down with sugar. The berries on the canes are actually starting to smell like wine!


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