Our hummingbird made his appearance today.  It was rainy most of the day.  We were having a glass of wine (husband  prefers a light beer) and watching the rain, wearing sweaters and talking about how quickly the weather had changed from heat and humidity to a chilling, rainy afternoon. The hummer appeared at the feeder and we both froze, glasses in hand. He drank his fill from the plastic feeder of sugar water and lit on top of the shepherd's crook. After a while he flew down and took another sip. Then back to the crook to sit and watch us for a while. He sat for a very long time, looking around, craning his neck, sizing the place up. It's too close to migration season to be just hanging around, checking out the scenery. I bet if we keep a close eye on the feeder, he'll be back with wife and kids in tow. There are plenty of red and pink flowers left for him to enjoy - the impatience are healthy, the mandevilla a tempting red delight. We're going to take a ride tomorrow to get a bushel of some of the best peaches in Connecticut. I'm making a note to myself to make more sugar syrup for the feeder so it will cool off in time.


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