Living Large - Gardening Small

I grew as much as I could handle this year.  We enjoyed several meals of green beans and froze some.  We had a couple of meals of broccoli but probably could have planted fewer plants and still had the same number of meals - they were planted a little too close together.  I had twice as many tomato plants as I needed as a result of a kind gift from my sister-in-law who had more than she needed.  I think the crowding there also reduced the production of the original plants I put in.  I enjoyed the beets tremendously but they were strictly for me. I wanted to put zucchini in but it's wandering habit would have choked everything else out and I would have had nothing but squash to show for my labor (as minimal as it was).  Then along came Renee's Garden seeds with a container variety of zucchini.  It appears they pretty much stay in the pot and stay small (just the way I like to cook with them!) I got so excited, I've already ordered seeds for next year!


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