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Pumpkin Sale at the Church

You don't have to go far in this little town to find someone re-enacting someone.  Ben Franklin finished his graveyard tour and stopped by to purchase a pumpkin.  We must have had the best price around - "A penny saved is a penny earned...".

Snips and Snails

Life is so good right now...waiting impatiently for my second baby grandson to arrive.  I know his mother is uncomfortable and can't wait to welcome our newest addition.  The shower is over, the nursery ready.  The baby will come when he's ready.  In the meantime his cousin is keeping us constantly charmed.  He won't be 2 until January but he's already full of questions and answers.  Our love for this little one and the two that are on the way fills our hearts to bursting...

Another Great Reason to Plant Parsley - Vegetable Gardener


A few years after I was diagnosed, I attended a support group for people with MS and our significant others.  It had been established by two men in their forties and their wives and was scheduled to meet monthly in the recreation room of a local church.

At this time, I nobly (and mistakenly) believed that although I was doing fairly well, I could be of some support to others who were not. Of course, this was ridiculous.  I needed support at least as well as anyone else.  However, I found out rather quickly, that this was not the group for me.  The broad spectrum of displayed symptoms and petty bickering over who was going to buy a missing member a get-well card, eventually sent me heading for the hills.  The following are my personal recommendations when it comes to seeking support in living with the ups and downs of MS.

If you would like to try a support group, find one that has a qualified, professional leader with experience facilitating groups of individuals with serious illness or …

I asked Santa for a swimming pool...

This is not what I had in mind.  At all.

But you look so good...

So, I was diagnosed in 1986.  I had a 2 year old baby and a nine year old child.  I felt awful.  I had suffered with a sinus infection that came out of nowhere, followed up by a strep throat 2 months later.  The MS had been relapsing and remitting for a couple of years but returned with a vengeance in August of 1988. 
We were invited to attend my husband's brother's out of state wedding  to be held in October.  I could barely hobble.  I was numb in one leg up to my hip and the other up to my armpit.  Cute pumps to go with the dress I had searched the mall for were not in the picture.   I could barely pick my feet up and walked stiff-legged like Frankenstein's monster.  I dragged myself to the local library and checked out a book called The MS Diet.
Now, I had just finished losing 30 pounds on Weight Watchers and was pretty much on a low fat diet anyway.  So I decided that taking cod liver oil sounded like an idea worth trying.  I also read some basic information about the n…

Italian Chocolate Truffles

I really like this recipe for truffles as it doesn't include eggs as some other truffle recipes do.  I made them for my daughter-in-law's baby shower. They kept in the fridge in an air-tight container for over a week and the recipe was requested several times, so here it is:
Italian Chocolate Truffles

              6 oz. dark chocolate                                        3 Tbsp. sweet butter               1/2 cup ground almonds                                  1/2 cup confectioners sugar                   2 Tbsp. orange flavored liqueur                       1 3/4 oz. grated chocolate
Melt the dark chocolate with the liqueur in a double boiler, stirring until well-combined. Add the butter and stir until melted.  Stir in the confectioner's sugar and ground almonds Leave the mixture to cool until firm enough to roll into 24 balls. Roll in grated chocolate to coat. Store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.  You may substitute Amaretto for the orange liqueur.

Construction Themed Baby Shower

My daughter and I hosted a baby shower for my daughter-in-law on Saturday.  We started with a construction theme based on the decor of the nursery and ran with it.  My son is an equipment operator so it was also with him in mind.  I arranged buckets with mostly yellow roses and white, green and tan mums.  Large bows of yellow caution tape we tucked in on picks.  Little backhoes dug mounds of chocolate rocks.  There was even a dump truck with pale blue and yellow rock candy.  The mommy-to-be was radiant and received many nice gifts.  A beautiful day for a beautiful girl.

I will grow up to be beautiful!

And so will you...

Eat your vegetables and be patient...