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Our Newest Little Guy


What are the MS Researchers Missing? Vitamin D and MS

I received my copy of MS Connection in the mail yesterday, a publication of the Connecticut chapter of the MS Society.  There were a couple of very interesting articles in this issue.  One described a massive international genetics study with a major breakthrough.  Scientists have now successfully confirmed 23 previously known genetic links and identified 29 new ones and strongly suspect 5 others. They confirmed that a number of autoimmune diseases share many similar genetic variants. And 2 genes linked to vitamin D were also implicated with research increasingly pointing to low vitamin D levels in patients as a risk factor for developing MS.
It probably cost a fortune for these scientists to figure out what many of us already knew. I can't count the number of people with MS that I have met who have close family members who also suffer from various autoimmune diseases.  My own father passed away due to complications from Crohn's disease.  Has my neurologist ever asked me about …

More Joy in our Lives

Our new little grandson was born this morning.  It seems like yesterday that I was bringing his daddy home from the hospital.  Of course it was almost 28 years ago to the day.  Blink.

Any Moment...change again

Change is change. Some good, some not so good. Some change is momentous. Some goes barely noticed. Autumn in Connecticut this year was going by barely noticed until a very big storm suddenly got our attention. There's a nicer way than shutting off the lights!
Change. My step-son started college in August. So far, so good. He seems happy, he's close enough to come home when he wants to. He's gaining the independence he's longed for. It's still out as far as his studies go. We're hoping he's doing well. We're semi-empty nesters and we've settled into our new status very nicely. I'm cooking too much but I have a freezer so nothing goes to waste. We're free to go to mid-week concerts or even farther if the mood strikes. Nice.
Change. We both got medical reports that weren't so great. We both have osteaopinea. My thyroid's a little wonky, my triglycerides a bit high, so is his sugar. Change. Not so good. We're getting older. 
Change. We …