Any Moment...change again

Change is change. Some good, some not so good. Some change is momentous. Some goes barely noticed. Autumn in Connecticut this year was going by barely noticed until a very big storm suddenly got our attention. There's a nicer way than shutting off the lights!
Change. My step-son started college in August. So far, so good. He seems happy, he's close enough to come home when he wants to. He's gaining the independence he's longed for. It's still out as far as his studies go. We're hoping he's doing well. We're semi-empty nesters and we've settled into our new status very nicely. I'm cooking too much but I have a freezer so nothing goes to waste. We're free to go to mid-week concerts or even farther if the mood strikes. Nice.
Change. We both got medical reports that weren't so great. We both have osteaopinea. My thyroid's a little wonky, my triglycerides a bit high, so is his sugar. Change. Not so good. We're getting older. 
Change. We became Gramma and Papa almost 2 years ago and we love it. But he's changing so quickly we can barely keep up. He crawled, he walked and now he runs like a little elf, practically clicking his heels together as he hops around. He talks in complete sentences and remembers what we played with the last time he visited. He's changing way too quickly but we can't slow him down, nor would we really want to.
Change will come soon for even him when his sibling arrives in March. Wondrous, miraculous change.
Our world will change again any moment now. My youngest child is about to become a father. That's when you really know time's flying. When your youngest birthling marries and reproduces, that's big. I'm holding my breath in anticipation of the birth of this baby. He's going through the greatest change a human can experience and survive....his entrance into our world. And I can't wait.   


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