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Minding my own Mitochondria?

I just finished watching Dr. Terry Wahl's video regarding her magnificent healing from her secondary progressive MS. There are other websites that recommend the same protocol - the Paleo diet - and others have experienced similar results to Dr. Wahl's. Some questions I've been pondering about my own health have now been answered. I've made significant lifestyle changes in the two decades +  since I was diagnosed and apparently have been co-incidentally reaping the benefits.

I quit (was healed of) smoking.
I started eating many more vegetables (especially broccoli, cabbage and kale) than the averageAmerican.
I started taking fish oil supplements ( try to eat fish but I don't eat enough of it).
I started taking co-enzyme Q10.
I use almost exclusively olive oil and some butter (for baking).
I've mostly dropped dairy - I use almond milk.
My naturopath has recommended deleting as much wheat as possible from my diet (it's difficult but it's greatly decreased …


We anxiously await the "Morning Star", the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father.

Christmas Treasures & Simple Pleasures

A table set for the ghost of Christmas Present.  His robe and ivy crown draped over a chair to the left. A horn for a wine toast, a table overflowing with Christmas puddings, fruits and nuts. A merry-maker on the right enjoying the house tour. If I'd had any idea that I'd be blogging this Dickensian scene I would have waited for her to move on.

White feather tree on a vanity table in the master bedroom.

German paper ornaments, white lights and white candles in the sunroom.  Sweet and tranquil.

Simple Pleasures - Osborne Homestead Museum

Not my kitchen but a simple scene created by a garden club in the Naugatuck Valley a few years ago.  This kitchen is in a farmhouse in Osborndale State Park.  The home was donated by Frances Osborn on her death and has been maintained in its original state.  Twilight tours are Fridays through December 16 from 4 to 6:30.  There is a minimal donation for the tour and it's one of my favorite holiday treats.  I made up the dough for gingerbread last evening - gingerbread boys in their embryonic state waiting until I have the time to bake them off.

Something Sweet

So it begins.  It wouldn't be Christmas in our house without these.  I made 6 dozen Swedish Spritz for a bake sale at church, 2 dozen for us. 4 dozen Peanut Butter Blossoms.  The goal is to have enough for us, enough to share and enough for dessert on Christmas Eve with Eggnog and Candy Cane ice cream.

More Sweetness...

Grown up Christmas List