We have a 10 week old grandson.  He looks like his daddy and he looks like his grandpa Al, my late husband, father of my two grown children, who passed way 10 years ago.  It amazes me when I look at him.  I know about DNA and inherited physical traits.  This doesn't take away anything from my wonderful relationship with my new husband and step-son and the families we've blended into the group we've become.  We took what we had left, both of us, and  allowed the love between us to create this group of individuals who celebrate life together.  Little Andrew makes me take a step into the past and look back.  It brings my former life with his biological grandfather into my present life with his new grandfather.  The babies don't know the difference.  Papa is Papa, blood-ties or not.  I love that. That we can take the tragedy of my late husband's premature death, acknowledge and remember him, and continue into the next generation and generations to come is a symbol of hope.  The little ones represent the future.  May God bless them.   


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