Green with Envy

At the CT Garden & and Flower show yesterday I found this beauty.  Her name is Helleborus x ballardiae, commonly called Helleborus Gold Collection "Cinnamon Snow" and isn't she delicious?  She's a perennial and will be the earliest bloomer in my spring shade garden.  I could plant her outside today if it wasn't so windy. She wasn't cheap but she's an elegant charmer in every botanical way. As I was carrying her along on my way out of a lecture, a man walking toward me, also on his way to a garden lecture stopped in his tracks.  "Where did you get that gorgeous Hellebore?", he inquired, "and what variety is it?   - so green, so beautiful!  I told him I had purchased the plant at the Natureworks garden center booth.  "Oh, yes, of course, Nancy's booth...", he was familiar with Nancy DuBrule-Clemente's garden center.  The man went on his way and my husband and I continued along.  My husband ducked into the men's room and the gentleman showed up along side me AGAIN! Still going on and on about my little Hellebore.  Since I concurred, of course, I felt even better about spending $15 on a single plant.  My husband returned to my side and we went on our way.  "I thought the guy was trying to pick you up," he commented, looking over his shoulder suspiciously.  I spent the ride home fruitlessly trying to explain plant envy. "Honey, I'm almost 60 years old.  Trust me, it was the plant." 


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