Knitting for Me

January has been called "Knitting for Me" month.  Well, it's February and I'm still baby knitting.   Knitters have started to hang a name on the time period after the holiday knitting rush is over.  I don't participate in holiday knitting.  That kind of pressure could really take the joy out of Christmas for me.  I'm all about the joy!

After completing a sweater and blanket for the grandbaby born in November, I'm now smack-dab in the middle of knitting a project for the next baby coming next month.  So much so that I almost forgot to take a picture of the scarf I made last fall.  It's knitted from a blend of wool and silk, a fiber combination that's a bit glossy and nice and warm.  I love, love, love Solo Silk from Brooks Farm in Texas.  After the baby knitting is finished I'll be making a shawlette out of their Willow (wool and bamboo).  By the time that's off the needles, maybe it will be time to play in the dirt.


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