What I Want to Be

My daughter, after having given birth to two of my newest grandsons, asked me recently if I was a bit disppointed that none of the new babies were girls.  She knows I can't help admiring all the frilly pink clothes when I shop for the boys.  And there are lots of knitting patterns for girls that are simply delicious. But I didn't have to hesitate a second before I replied, "No, not at all - I'm thrilled with my baby grandsons". Because that's the absolute truth. That would be like saying, "I won the Lottery but it was only one million dollars and that wasn't enough."  I'm so grateful and content.  I owe God praise every day for having blessed me, because He has.

 And I know what kind of grandma I want to be.  Not the nanna with the perfect clothes and french manicured toes.  I want to be the grandma that shows the little guys where to find the Alpine strawberries at the edge of the herb garden.  The one who makes roads in the sandbox and washes all the hands with the hose before the snacks come outside.  It's not about who my grandchildren are.  They will become who they will.  It's about what kind of a grandma I want to be.  The one they remember.   



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