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Cottage Garden

I need to edit but where to start?  With the bleeding hearts and dayliliesthat self-sew and were here before we were?  The creamy annual foxglove that is finally beginning to colonize?  The oriental lilies which will soon open to pale yellow with bergundy throats?  The merlot heuchera with its red wine swizzle sticks.  What about the lone strawberry foxglove volunteer that just showed up after all the 50 year old shrubbery had been pulled out and dumped?  I really wanted to get rid of my perennials this year and replace them all with low-maintenance, slow-growing shrubbery.  I will be celebrating (?) my 60th birthday next month.  If I have any sense at all, I will start simplifying and paring down the chaos that is the flower bed in by my front door.  I nearly tripped over two baby bunnies who had been hiding among these flowers this morning.  Maybe the fall would be a good time to start...

Split Gardening Personality

I bought twin boxwoods with red bows for Christmas to stand guard at my front door.  They add to the formality of the entrance to our colonial style home.  This Spring I'm in the process of removing old shrubs, slowly replacing them with younger, healthier stock.  I thought the whole perennial border had been destroyed when the border was torn out and the front of the house looked like a tornado had blown through.  Formality went out the window as the passion of Springtime will not be denied.  Nor will the honey bees as I try to push them aside to give the border a June haircut.