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Words to Live By

Okay, I admit it.  It's been a tough month.  I've been living with MS since I was 33.  It came on like gang-busters (whatever those are) and gave me a hard time through the 80's and into the 90's.  I've been on Avonex, Betaseron, multiple doses (and strengths) of steroids and sat for infusions of Cytoxan.  I even tried Aminopyridine against my better judgement.  I had a pretty bad time with about every symptom you can think of and I had them mainly in the first 15 years.  I'm aware of cognitive changes that frustrate me and getting older isn't making that situation any better.  Against my doctor's recommendation, I am not using injectable meds and haven't used them for a couple of years.  There are mornings when I feel like I'm moving through air as thick as mud as I get my shower and dress.  Other days, other than balance issues, I feel pretty good.  So this week-end I'm trying to slide gracefully into 60.  No go.  Having completed a month …

Drink your Kale

I've always loved vegetables and probably eat more than the average person.  Apparently, that's not enough any more.  Every time I pick up the "Science" section of the NY Times or turn on the television, I'm bombarded with new information regarding the health benefits of - wait for it - KALE.  Surprised?  Not if you're even vaguely interested in the latest wellness information. There are only a few veggies I won't eat.  First on the list is Lima Beans.  Second is Okra.  I haven't tried Okra fried as it is frequently prepared in the southern states.  I still don't think it would go down my throat without a fight. Well, now, if you look around the internet, you'll find that KALE is the "it" green.  It's got the most of everything that we humans need in one neat little package.  Unfortunately, unless you blast it at 450 degrees in the oven for 20 minutes and sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese turning it into a chip, I've had no in…

Annabelle's my Girl

What can you say about Annabelle?  She's perpetually popular. Very low maintenance. Gets better every year.  She even ages well.  Her gorgeous white blooms gradually age to lime green, then to a lovely mauve by autumn.  If you're planning an event (she's perfect in July in Connecticut) she makes a lovely cut flower very popular with brides.  Just give her a couple of years to mature to her full beauty if you're thinking ahead.  As with many perennial shrubs they "sleep" the first year, "creep" the second, and "leap" the third.  They should be cut back in late winter before they begin to show green.  This variety of hydrangea can be cut to within a foot of the base but be sure to do it when it's still asleep.  In the northeast she likes a moderately sunny location (mine gets afternoon sun so she needs a good drink on a hot day as she will faint!)  She gets a good layer of composted manure in the spring, light fertilization while she…

Beach Baby

The only thing more fun than one grandson is 5 of them!  Lucky me!

Grandma's a Summer Baby

My mother used to tell me that the day I was born they fried eggs on the sidewalks in New York City.  The hospital did not have air-conditioning (Northern Westchester Medical Center was just Mount Kisco hospital at that time).   So they kept the lights off at night so the patients could walk around in their johnny coats and maintain their modesty.  As a kid, I loved the summer as much as any other kid that grew up in the country.  Although we still didn't have air-conditioners (pretty much only movie theaters were that technologically advanced and we didn't have a movie theater in our town).   We had a big old box fan that drew the cool, night air through the house if placed strategically in the correct window. It's not like we were too poor to each have our own fan (there were only 2 of us kids).  I think it was my dad trying to engineer his own natural cooling system.  It worked pretty well on most nights - but there were some that were pretty brutal, uncomfortable tem…