Words to Live By

Okay, I admit it.  It's been a tough month.  I've been living with MS since I was 33.  It came on like gang-busters (whatever those are) and gave me a hard time through the 80's and into the 90's.  I've been on Avonex, Betaseron, multiple doses (and strengths) of steroids and sat for infusions of Cytoxan.  I even tried Aminopyridine against my better judgement.  I had a pretty bad time with about every symptom you can think of and I had them mainly in the first 15 years.  I'm aware of cognitive changes that frustrate me and getting older isn't making that situation any better.  Against my doctor's recommendation, I am not using injectable meds and haven't used them for a couple of years.  There are mornings when I feel like I'm moving through air as thick as mud as I get my shower and dress.  Other days, other than balance issues, I feel pretty good.  So this week-end I'm trying to slide gracefully into 60.  No go.  Having completed a month of physical therapy to resolve a tendonitis issue in the bad leg, I'm ready to take a stress test and echo cardiogram I suddenly find myself in need of.  But not with this godawful heavy summer cold I've contracted.  Can I stay home and feel sorry for myself?  No, of course not, because I have to surrender my perfectly good photo driver's license of myself from 6 years ago and have a new one taken TODAY before the old one expires.  And, "No", I cannot continue to use the old photograph which is much more flattering than the one they charged me $66 for today.  The photo of somebody's 60 year old grandmother with the swollen nose and runny eyes.  She jumped in front of me when I was at Motor Vehicle having my license renewed.  I could probably have taken her down if I felt better...

This is where Grandpa and I sit to watch the t.v.
Me:  "We're still newlyweds, right?  It's only 7 years."
Him:  "You bet." 


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