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Sweet as Sugar

Grandchild #6

Growing & Knitting

Today was a nice day to work outside. My project was getting some shrubs into the front bed and that's not mulched yet. It still looks pretty muddy out there. I ran out of energy and time but my enthusiasm didn't wane. So I checked on my Sedum "Autumn Joy" and was delighted to see it had darkened to it's gorgeous salmon pink. Within a few weeks it will attain its full autumn rusty red color. So little investment for so much loveliness. Actually, there was one plant in the front bed when I moved into this home that the previous owner had planted, so these plants cost me nothing.  I moved the original plant to the back garden and split it in half. It won't be long before it needs to be split again. A project for next fall, for sure. I also finished knitting a sweater for my husband's niece, who's expecting her first baby in December. She has chosen not to know the gender of the baby. The mom doesn't seem like the baby pastel type, so I chose a vari…

Crazy for Coleus

Summer 2012 will soon be just a memory. Delicious sleeping weather is setting in.  So are nippy mornings.  Before it gets too cool, it's a good time to get out there and give your coleus plants a good haircut.  One of the first tender plants to get knocked flat by a cold snap is those beautiful coleus' that have been giving you so much color for so little care.

This "Electric Lime"below, inside in the winter sun waiting to go back outside in the spring.  I had to cut and root it again before I included it in a group planting this summer.

 Place the cuttings, with lower leaves removed into a clear container so you'll notice when it's rooted.

When the stems of your coleus have developed roots, plant them in potting soil in a pot with good drainage and place them in a window that gets bright, indirect sunlight.  These are shade lovers outside who appreciate a bit more sun when they're inside for the winter. Enjoy your beautiful plants again next summer!


A picture that's worth a thousand words about brothers' relationships. My daughter was afraid I'd think she was a terrible mother for grabbing the camera instead of removing my two year old grandson's  foot from his brother's forehead. Rather, my immediate reaction was to laugh out loud and tell her to make sure she keeps the photo. Relationships between siblings can be complicated. Parents can forget about trying to figure out why one child can be so different from the other when they'd been raised under the same roof, attended the same schools and family gatherings, ate the same food - even sat in the same bathtub.  Number two will never live in the same environment as number one.  Number one grandson was a singlet for almost 2 years.  Grandson Number two was never an only child. My brother and I are as different as two people can be. We don't look alike, we historically have never been on the same side politically, although lately I'm leaning more i…

Nature Notes

There's still plenty of warm weather to enjoy before cold weather and gray days set upon us.  I'm borrowing my heading from one of my favorite podcasters, Paula from the podcast.  Paula divides her show into sections and almost always talks about an interesting observation from the natural world around her.  I've been getting a kick out of the little "Skipper" butterflies that have been abundant this year.  I've noticed them in other years but there seem to be many more of them this year.  And they're everywhere - they don't seem to be discerning about the plants they hop about on.  I got close enough to get a couple of photos of them and in the process snapped a couple of a "Painted Lady" butterfly on my Sedum "Autumn Joy".  The poor thing didn't seem to be suffering from the little chunk that some predator had taken from one of her pretty wings.