A picture that's worth a thousand words about brothers' relationships. My daughter was afraid I'd think she was a terrible mother for grabbing the camera instead of removing my two year old grandson's  foot from his brother's forehead. Rather, my immediate reaction was to laugh out loud and tell her to make sure she keeps the photo. Relationships between siblings can be complicated. Parents can forget about trying to figure out why one child can be so different from the other when they'd been raised under the same roof, attended the same schools and family gatherings, ate the same food - even sat in the same bathtub.  Number two will never live in the same environment as number one.  Number one grandson was a singlet for almost 2 years.  Grandson Number two was never an only child. My brother and I are as different as two people can be. We don't look alike, we historically have never been on the same side politically, although lately I'm leaning more in his direction as rational choices on both sides have become so terribly limited. We have had very little in common except for the fact that we had the same parents and that we love each other. Now, unfortunately, we share something else. Nearly 30 years after my diagnosis, my brother has been diagnosed with MS. I'm praying for his complete recovery and return to perfect health. We'll find another experience to share. It won't be fishing.


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