Crazy for Coleus

Summer 2012 will soon be just a memory. Delicious sleeping weather is setting in.  So are nippy mornings.  Before it gets too cool, it's a good time to get out there and give your coleus plants a good haircut.  One of the first tender plants to get knocked flat by a cold snap is those beautiful coleus' that have been giving you so much color for so little care.

This "Electric Lime"below, inside in the winter sun waiting to go back outside in the spring.  I had to cut and root it again before I included it in a group planting this summer.

Place the cuttings, with lower leaves removed into a clear container so you'll notice when it's rooted.

When the stems of your coleus have developed roots, plant them in potting soil in a pot with good drainage and place them in a window that gets bright, indirect sunlight.  These are shade lovers outside who appreciate a bit more sun when they're inside for the winter. Enjoy your beautiful plants again next summer!


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