Growing & Knitting

Today was a nice day to work outside. My project was getting some shrubs into the front bed and that's not mulched yet. It still looks pretty muddy out there. I ran out of energy and time but my enthusiasm didn't wane. So I checked on my Sedum "Autumn Joy" and was delighted to see it had darkened to it's gorgeous salmon pink. Within a few weeks it will attain its full autumn rusty red color. So little investment for so much loveliness. Actually, there was one plant in the front bed when I moved into this home that the previous owner had planted, so these plants cost me nothing.  I moved the original plant to the back garden and split it in half. It won't be long before it needs to be split again. A project for next fall, for sure. I also finished knitting a sweater for my husband's niece, who's expecting her first baby in December. She has chosen not to know the gender of the baby. The mom doesn't seem like the baby pastel type, so I chose a variegated acrylic blend with some yellow and blue-gray stripes. I'm a slow knitter so I knew I couldn't wait too long to complete the project. If the baby's a girl, I'll put some yellow grosgrain ribbon ties on the front. If it's a boy, I'll crochet some ties out of the sweater yarn. It's been washed and blocked and will be dry and ready and waiting for the birth of its recipient. An upside down biscotti jar works pretty well holding the hood open while it dries.


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