Nature Notes

There's still plenty of warm weather to enjoy before cold weather and gray days set upon us.  I'm borrowing my heading from one of my favorite podcasters, Paula from the podcast.  Paula divides her show into sections and almost always talks about an interesting observation from the natural world around her.  I've been getting a kick out of the little "Skipper" butterflies that have been abundant this year.  I've noticed them in other years but there seem to be many more of them this year.  And they're everywhere - they don't seem to be discerning about the plants they hop about on.  I got close enough to get a couple of photos of them and in the process snapped a couple of a "Painted Lady" butterfly on my Sedum "Autumn Joy".  The poor thing didn't seem to be suffering from the little chunk that some predator had taken from one of her pretty wings.


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