Hello Little Joe!

Native to North America, Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium) was reportedly named for an Indian healer from New England.  Joe Pye weed was used for curing early colonists' fevers, healing kidney stones and urinary tract infections.  It is also know as "Queen of the Meadow", "Gravel Root" (for the kidney stones?), Kidney Root and Purple Boneset.  It's very cold hardy and favors moist, organically rich soil and full sun.  Can you count the bees on this little guy?  This is not the standard variety but a small descendant of the original plant.  It's been reported that one of the many suspected causes of honey bee hive collapse is the lack of native plants for a natural source of food for the bees.  I suspect this is true based on the number of bees that have made themselves to home on this little plant.  Suburban gardeners have abandoned native varieties of plants for newer, cultivated varieties of landscape shrubs, leaving this little guys hard-pressed to find nectar to sustain them through the coming winter.  Do your little bee friends a favor and plant a "Little Joe" in your home garden.


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