Landscape Plants

Autumn is a great time of year to add landscape plants you've been admiring all summer.  My centerpiece is a new baby Hydrangea Quercifolia "Snowflake".  I've left plenty of growing room around this little one so it can stretch out next spring and take her rightful place in my garden.
She has green oakleaf shaped leaves and will (hopefully) have large white bracts of small white flowers which will turn dark purple in the fall.

To the side of the front door I planted an evergreen with a fern-like welcoming shape, "Fernspray False Cypress).  It's described as having an Asian appearance.

So on the other side of the entrance, I planted an upright Japanese Plum Yew.

And on the opposite side of the Plum Yew I added a Weeping White Spruce.

I was looking for bergundy flowering shrubs that would stay compact without having to resort to barberries.

So I planted two "Little Devil Nine Bark" shrubs and a "Little Joe" Pyeweed.  I had to shoo two honey bees off the "Little Joe" to be able to get it into the car.

It all looks a little "new" right now.  We'll see how it all comes together in the spring.


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