Curb Appeal

It was finally time to spend a bit of cash and time on the front of our home. This picture was taken last fall.  My husband was probably checking his pockets for moths. We'd already redone the kitchen and both bathrooms.  (For the first time since the house was built!)
The siding (which is aluminum but is in good condition) was a color (dull gold) that I wasn't really fond of.  The shutters were peeling, dirty white.  My son and a friend popped out all the old shrubs that were original to the house and showing their age - approximately 55 years old.  That left us with a new door and storm door.
We changed out the light to the right of the door and between the double garage.  I planted miniature, upright boxwoods in the plastic planters that I painted with cement textured spray paint from Home Depot.  There's a little brass Nantucket basket door knocker in the middle of the Autumn wreath.
We added some specimen shrubs which will take some time to grow in.  The happy little guy to the left of the door is a fern cypress.  I wanted to paint the door a color other than white.  I still may paint it a medium sage green in the Spring.  However, the screen in the door will have to be removed in the fall and stored as it will darken the look of the paint when it stays in the storm door.  Maybe someday we can have the steps brick-faced and put railings on either side of the door. I sometimes need them now and we may both need them in a few years.  Our house finally feels like home.


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