Long Beach Island, New Jersey


Too foggy to see the ocean. We didn't care. We were at the shore.

Where from the minute we unpack, we try not to think about going home

and saying "good-bye" every time is hard


 to the place where I wake up early just to welcome the sun

and seagulls aren't just pests
Where you see the sun rise and set just by turning your chair around
and beautiful young people protect you from harm

where the color of the ocean changes all day

and sometimes sparkles like diamonds

Where you can be alone and not lonely



walk for miles by yourself on a beautiful morning

then stand in line to get a table for the best breakfast in town!

Which is why the island will be rebuilt and people will choose to live on a little sand bar in the ocean



  1. These are just lovely photos Karen!

  2. These are beautiful photos....I could swear the pictures of the house/beachfront porch are from the home we've stayed at for years in Brant Beach....even the finials on the deck look familiar! Thank you for posting such wonderful LBI pictures!
    Cari from Connecticut

    1. Hi Cari - It's probably the same house because it is in Brant Beach. Wonderful place that we're hoping didn't sustain terrible damage like much of the island. Thanks for your comment.

  3. So much beauty captured in every day pictures. Some times we don't appreciate what we know until it gets tossed and turned. Living with MS you know that more than most...


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