Make One Change

Evil visited Connecticut last Friday. It's been visiting all around the country - so why wouldn't it visit us? If we can't take care of our mentally ill adult family members until they commit a crime. If we believe we need semi-automatic weapons in our homes. If playing "games" and being a "gamer" means pretending to kill others on a virtually realistic 3-D computer screen. If we accept violence as "normal" in our society. If talking about out faith in God means that people think you're a "bible thumper"... then we can reasonably expect evil to visit again. We shouldn't be surprised and shocked when it does. I'm not a pessimist - far from it. I wouldn't be on my feet, healthy enough to baby-sit my beautiful grandchildren if I believed we're doomed only to the cards we're dealt. Make one change. If you own dangerous weapons, get rid of them. Limit screen time in your home. Boycott violent movies. Go to church and take your kids. Pray for yourselves, your country and the families in Newtown who are grieving tonight.  


  1. One of the best pieces of commentary on this tradgedy I've seen. Thanks.


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