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When I Lost my WayI Followed the Butterfilies

My mother used to recount little incidents from my childhood.She told me that when I was 2 ½, she went to the hospital to give birth to my brother.I stayed with my aunt and uncle (my mother’s brother and his wife).In those days, routine hospital stays after giving birth were 5 days long.Children were considered too germ-ridden to set foot in hospitals unless they were the patients.My father visited me and took me to the hospital parking lot so my mother could wave to me from her hospital window.Back then, you could actually open windows.I was inconsolable much of the time and asked for her constantly as I was too young to understand why I had been abandoned. Homecoming day finally arrived and instead of joyful hugs and kisses from me as my mother had anticipated, I turned my grumpy little back on her and refused to even look her in the eye.She was spurned by a two year old.Spurn:Latin derivation = spernere = to despise.A contemptuous rejection.Balk at, deselect, disapprove, negative, …

Why I Don't Post More about MS

Because there are Valentine's bouquets and sunrises

and our kids and their kids

babies becoming children

children becoming adults

who still come home when they need a snuggle

MS comes last on a long list of things I want to think about.

Knitting - Little Green "Explorer" Vest


I'm knitting the "Explorer Vest" designed by Julie Gilliver.  The yarn is Knitpicks acrylic in "Dublin" green.  It's an interesting design without any seams to sew up.  The most challenging part of the design is keeping everything sorted out and untangled.  I have to knit in the round and then add the ribbed edge on the neck, arm holes and around the bottom.  It's for my littlest grandson who'll be turning a 1 year old on St. Patrick's day.

He's growing up way to quickly....