Garden Variety Forsythia

One of my favorite garden bloggers referred to Forsythia as being "too common" to be included in her landscape.  One of my favorite harbingers of Spring is the sight of my glorious twin Forsythias in the backyard border.

I understand her opinion when I look around and see what some well-meaning gardeners do to these beautiful shrubs.  When I see Forsythias trying to survive in shady areas, after having been shaped into unnatural round blobs, I'm repelled as well.  I wouldn't want them in my garden either.

You probably have one of these lovelies in your backyard.  Give her a fighting chance if you'd rather pull her out.  Forsythias need 6 hours of full sun daily - they won't achieve full bloom in shady spots.  Grow them in areas that drain well.  They don't like standing in mud or clay.  Give them a natural shape, but trim them immediately after they've lost their flowers.  If they're looking really ratty, hack them most of the way down to the ground.  They'll probably come back more beautiful than ever.  If they don't, pull them out and buy a new plant.



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