Mrs. MacGregor's Garden

Spring has finally arrived in Connecticut. I was working in my little garden plot, trying to get it cleaned up and ready to plant some seedlings.  Spying what I thought was a dead bird, I bent down to take a closer look. "Poor little thing", I thought, "I'm going to have to find a spot and bury him."  I bent down further to investigate. Not a bird and definitely not dead. A tiny bunny, trying to make himself invisible in the weeds that I was about to dig out. I reached down and picked him up.  He didn't care for that idea, and squealed and cried like the baby he was. Wiggling himself out of my grasp, he took off through the holes in my wire fence and headed for the neighbor's yard. I have no doubt that he thought he was in the safest place on the property.

The Momma
That was actually pretty perceptive of the little guy. I'd neglected the vegetable patch since last fall and the dog can't get in there. But now the rabbits think it's theirs. Which puts all of the seedlings I bought today in jeopardy the moment they get tucked in. So now what? Do I put landscape cloth and mulch all over the garden and grow vegetables in pots? I can't seem to locate straw bales for a straw bale garden. At least not for this season. The rabbits may get the best of me but I'm not going down without a fight.

Neither are They


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