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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pretty Predator

I was weeding in my vegetable garden this morning, trimming fruitless branches from my blackberry bushes, listening to podcasts, sweating away. A dragonfly hovered around and landed on top of a black metal tuteur near by. I cursed myself for not having my camera and went about my business. When I looked up again, he was still there, watching me. I've had a face to face with a praying mantis, but never with anything so flighty as a dragonfly. I decided to take a chance and went into the house to get my camera which I stuck in my pocket, assuming I'd have to wait for another encounter. But, there he was, still hanging around with no intention of flying away. So I started snapping, getting in closer and closer. I got bored with him and started looking for other subjects. The dragonfly took off, swooped around the garden and came in for a landing - but this time with a green victim in his mouth which he proceeded to devour while I took pictures. I think he was using me to flush out his prey - I pull weeds, little bugs scatter and the dragonfly attacks. I don't use pesticide in my garden so the system works for me, too!





Monday, July 29, 2013

Vegetable Porn - You've been Warned!

Weeds are rampant in my garden this year. The strawberries would have produced more if I'd spent more time weeding them - they don't like to be crowded. We had several heads of lettuce, green and red butter crunch as well as 6 nice heads of Romaine before it bolted. We had several small baskets of snow peas. I prefer sugar snap so I'll plant them next year instead. The brussel sprouts are okay but no sprouts yet. The beet greens are profuse and we had one dinner of them from the thinnings. I haven't checked to see how the beets themselves are coming or if they're all greens. That wouldn't bother me since I may love the greens more than the beets themselves. The jalapeno peppers were in blossom before the plants were swallowed by Rudbekia and Nicotiana that self-sewed from last summer. I bought two patio tomato plants from a local nursery because I simply didn't want to deal with the blight this year. All the labels said was "patio". I think they should have been label "hot tomato". It's been posted - I can't take it back - it went into the salad tonight!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Remember the 60's?

Are you old enough to remember the 60's?
The music, the crazy print dresses, little white go-go boots, watching Laugh In?
Check out this little maxi-dress that I found at Burlington Coat Factory last week for $25.00!


I went to a party yesterday and 6 of us had the very mid-century name of Karen.  (That was just weird.)

I'm 61 tomorrow.  I think it's the perfect party dress for a mid-century momma.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

DIY Summer Lights

When we got married 8 years ago, my sister-in-law gave us a large hurricane filled potpourri (Yankee Candle), shells, small starfish and pale green and frosted white sea glass.  It's lovely and is still slightly fragranced.  I bring it out in the summer but few people have commented on it because it sits on a small bureau at the bottom of our staircase where it's rather dark.
This year, I grabbed a battery-powered set of tiny LED lights that go on an off with a built-in timer and poured the potpourri/shell mixture around them.
I think the effect is soft and romantic and I plan to take it out to the patio when we entertain in the evening. After my initial purchase of the lights at Christmas, the project cost me nothing.  What can you come up with using what you have around the house?



Friday, July 12, 2013

Lace and Lots of it!

With my daughter at my nephew's fiancĂ©e's bridal shower (always caught with food in my mouth!!!) Lace for all! My lace tank (with attached tank underneath) and linen wide-leg pants from Burlington Coat Factory.  Scarf from Cold Water Creek.

I love lace. I'm finding if everywhere I shop and I'm rolling around in it!  I've worn more lace in the last month than ever in my entire life. I didn't realize how lace-deprived I've felt until I added some to my summer wardrobe. I think this craving has been very deep-seated and requires analysis, so here we go.


I loved my momma. However, she would get things stuck in her head and there was no getting them out of there. She had opinions about everything. I agreed with many of her sensible ideas.  But, as I matured, I realized some many of them were irrational. These ideas may have sprung from something painful she took to heart at some point in her life and through the years solidified like petrified wood. For example, I love hydrangeas. I have seven in my garden, all different varieties and colors. Momma hated them. She called them "graveyard bushes" as Victorians frequently planted old-fashioned Hydrangeas in local cemeteries. Once she got something in her head, that was it.

One of her many opinions about fashion and style included the idea that a big girl should never wear lace or ruffles. period. I was born long and underweight but once solid food entered my mouth, that was where the skinny stopped. I've been close to six feet tall since adolescence and although my weight fluctuates like the stock market, I've never been slender. Even my hat size is proportionately larger than average. I digress.
As a tot, I'd drool over the fancy dresses in the Montgomery Ward catalog and wished that one of those pink, blue, yellow ruffly organza numbers with the bow in the back could be mine. I got to wear one once. I was staying at my cousin's house one summer. She was invited to a birthday party so I was invited to attend tag along. Alas, with nothing to wear, my aunt dug into my cousin's closet to come up with an appropriate outfit for me. I don't remember the dress but the crinoline slip had a hoop along the bottom edge. Until that day, a big ole crinoline slip had also been my heart's desire, to wear under one of those little organdy dresses. Of course, without the slip, one of those poofs of pastel loveliness would have drooped like a limp salad. I discovered that day was that I didn't really have the patience to think before I sat down. Every time I sat, the hoop stood at attention and so did the little dress.  That little dress was nowhere as flowing as Scarlet O'Hara's so flashing my lollipop cotton undies wasn't quite as fetching, requiring me to rearrange the party get-up all afternoon. I gave up on the frilly dresses as a bad idea.

When I got married for the first time (38 years ago) Momma was clear. Stick to the off-white and no veil. You're no virgin. At that time, I was not one to make a scene. That would come much later. I caved.  Plus, my first choice had been an unusual dress with an open hood (it had been featured in a bridal magazine) and Momma was buying. You'll be happy to know, I did draw the line at having a big red "A" embroidered on the front.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cool Blue on a Hot Day