Pretty Predator

I was weeding in my vegetable garden this morning, trimming fruitless branches from my blackberry bushes, listening to podcasts, sweating away. A dragonfly hovered around and landed on top of a black metal tuteur near by. I cursed myself for not having my camera and went about my business. When I looked up again, he was still there, watching me. I've had a face to face with a praying mantis, but never with anything so flighty as a dragonfly. I decided to take a chance and went into the house to get my camera which I stuck in my pocket, assuming I'd have to wait for another encounter. But, there he was, still hanging around with no intention of flying away. So I started snapping, getting in closer and closer. I got bored with him and started looking for other subjects. The dragonfly took off, swooped around the garden and came in for a landing - but this time with a green victim in his mouth which he proceeded to devour while I took pictures. I think he was using me to flush out his prey - I pull weeds, little bugs scatter and the dragonfly attacks. I don't use pesticide in my garden so the system works for me, too!






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